🐦 Todcast: Gabriel Pérez Irizarry, maker of Caproni

Introducing the Todcast, a Twitter podcast series by maker Faiz Fadzil on indie making and bootstrapper culture.

🐦 Todcast: Gabriel Pérez Irizarry, maker of Caproni

Maker Faiz Fadzil has started a fantastic new series on Twitter called the Makerlog Todcast, where he interviews makers from all over the community on a really fun Twitter thread.

This week on the Todcast: Gabriel, maker of Caproni.fm.

You can view the entire Todcast + videos on the original Twitter thread. Below are snippets of the thread!

How would you describe yourself?

How has the Puerto Rican startup scene impacted your work?

How has the accelerator program you participated in adapted to the pandemic?

How did you choose your co-founder, and what's your take on personal relationships at work?

With larger platforms for podcasting on the market, why did you decide to build Caproni?

What's your advice to a company looking to compete in a market with many competitors?

You've built an awesome product in Caproni. Can you share one of the big things that worked well in building it and launching?

If you were to start Caproni again, what would you do better?

What's up next for you and Caproni in the near future?

That's all for this week's Todcast! Go follow maker Faiz Fadzil to get more of these delivered right to your Twitter timeline. Next up is Damon Chen, maker of Testimonial.to!