This week on the Todcast, maker Faiz Fadzil interviews Damon Chen from

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As a warmup, what's your favorite song ever, and why?

How has the mind shift from building the "next big thing" to working on smaller ideas worked out?

Can you share with us a time when you got focused on one feature and got big results?

You believe strongly in talking to customers. For the more introverted makers here, could you share a method that worked for you when reaching out to users?

You made a public decision to cancel your lifetime deal on your website. How do you feel about it in retrospect?

How do you cope with the worries of retaining customers on subscription plans?

What was the "a-ha!" moment when you decided to go all-out with Testimonial? How did you know this was "the one"?

How did you make up your mind about quitting in public?

What do you feel is the biggest thing that has gone really well?

What do you feel could've been done better in the Testimonial launch?

What can we expect, either from you or Testimonial, in the coming weeks?

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