State of the Log — 2020

2020 will be an amazing year for Makerlog. Here's why.

State of the Log — 2020

Hi folks!

It is time for another roadmap, one that is quite necessary for this upcoming 2020. Let's get right into it!


Let's discuss what's in plans for Makerlog in terms of features and direction.


This year will see a renewed focus on connecting people throughout the platform, with a brand-new feed that puts interactions front and center alongside your tasks.

In the interest of transparency, this upgrade to feeds is done with several purposes:

  • Increasing interactions on-site (discussions, comments, replies)
  • Increasing discoverability and centralizing all major features in one place
  • Improving engagement metrics, bringing more value to our (indie!) advertisers

Regional variants and events

This year Makerlog is looking to take its brand worldwide, establishing regional variants (e.g. Makerlog APAC, Makerlog PR, Makerlog NYC) to hold events and meetups. We've seen influential makers like our very own Mango Influencer Fajar Siddiq do spontaneous meetups around the world, and I'm looking to increase this!


Makerlog is currently profitable, standing at near $300 MRR (where it's stagnated for a bit), without including ad revenue which is substantial but too variable to include in the MRR figure.

Monetization strategy

Our monetization strategy this year involves doubling down on indie ads, bringing more value to advertisers (ethically, as always) and improving Gold features + adding a Patron plan.


This is a touchy topic for many, so I'll say things as they are: as I always have.

Makerlog's revenue is currently heavily dependent on not just subscriptions but also ads, and doubling down on them makes absolute sense considering the value our audience brings to not just individual advertisers but brands that want to reach our community.

Ads will now be placed in more strategic positions around the site, including after every 20 activities in the upcoming feed redesign.

As always, I reiterate: Makerlog will grow ad revenue ethically and inclusively, sticking to not just the core values of Makerlog, but mine. This means zero data selling or sharing, tastefully placed advertising, and privacy conscious monetization strategies.

Privacy and taste come first, always.

Gold and Patrons

Gold needs a lot of work to provide more value, and I'll be shipping features that help make makers more productive when shipping their stuff! I don't have specifics yet, but this is a huge priority.

Off the top of my head, coming to Gold:

  • Exclusive deals
  • Product updates (replacement for milestones)
  • Better task management tools

Aside from improvements to Gold, I'll be adding an optional Patron plan for those who wish the support the community and our goals further. Pricing is TBA.

Final thoughts on finances

Makerlog needs to make more money. In the interest of full honesty, there are EoY goals to be met and increasing MRR is a huge priority this year.

More MRR means more resources to hold events, outsource a few tasks (I have a lot on my plate!), and speed up the development + growth of Makerlog.


Makerlog's taken an interesting approach to marketing, but it's currently not scaling and I'm looking for ways to grow the site tastefully. I acknowledge that I've been absent for a couple of months due to life stuff, and that did hit the site's growth substantially, but I'm back with huge goals and down to crush em'!

I will reevaluate Makerlog's marketing strategy and update this post. Quite frankly, I don't have much yet aside from these core points:

  • A push on Instagram
  • A heavy push on brand relations & strategic partnerships
  • Possible events (hackathons?)
  • A slight move away from Twitter - traffic from there is slowing down substantially
  • A referral program.
  • Serious content creation work


One of Makerlog's core values is inclusivity. I made Makerlog because I am a broke college student that can't afford things. I have a few goals this year:

  • Increase female representation in our community, through key partnerships and events.
  • Keep Makerlog free.


Making the goals for this year was a huge priority for me: Makerlog is not just me, it's all of us, and it is very important that a direction is set for the community: I need your help to grow the site and further improve it.

Key goals for this year

These are ambitious goals, but I'm confident we can reach them.

  • $3K MRR by EoY
  • 10K users by EoY
  • 5x DAUs by EoY


Makerlog's original tagline was "the dead simple task log for makers".

Today, it has become much more than that: it is the home of the maker community. It is where makers work on their projects, discuss their passions, and create amazing things — together.

Makerlog is all the products we ship. All the problems we solve. All the lives we change.

And that, my friends, is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Keep on shipping,