Makerlog + Maker’s Kitchen = ❤️

Makerlog + Maker’s Kitchen = ❤️

Hello makers!

I’m very excited to announce that Makerlog is joining forces with Maker’s Kitchen, and adopting it as the official chatroom community!


After careful consideration and analysis, we realized something pretty cool: there’s a huge overlap between Makerlog’s audience and the Kitchen’s. Makerlog started out there, and many of our initial users are cooks from the kitchen!

After Makerlog’s Product Hunt launch, I initially branched out as a separate community Slack as it seemed appropriate at the time. Nowadays however, I feel the Slack community for Makerlog has not grown at the rate I wish and the Kitchen’s is still blooming beautifully.

After suggestions from the community to merge them, I decided to contact Dinuka and finalize the decision. Makerlog’s Slack will be shut down effective next Tuesday.

The hype is REAL!

I’m very excited about this change. I feel it’ll not just help grow both the Kitchen and Makerlog, but bring together the maker community.

Joining forces with the Kitchen will surely help more makers around the globe reach their goals, together. 🌟


Thanks for reading, and join Makerlog and the Kitchen in the links below.

If you don’t have a Makerlog account yet, get one! It’ll help you ship products faster and get things done. It’ll also auto-add you to the Slack. 🎉

Let’s get some things done together! #TogetherWeMake

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