Makerlog 3.0 launched today!

Today is a monumental day in Makerlog history.

Makerlog 3.0 launched today!

Today is a monumental day in Makerlog history. After months and months of hard work and effort, the redesign is finally out (and it's miles ahead of the previous version)!  

This new version is packed with goodies, although admittedly most improvements are under the hood.

An all-new design

Fresh. Af.

Makerlog's new design is simpler, clearer, and more intuitive. It's easier to navigate and discovering new maker content is also a breeze. Also, due to an under-the-hood rewrite, you should see massive gains in performance - it's not going to wreck your battery life anymore.

It's a user interface designed for productivity and interaction. I want makers to not just be more productive, but more engaged in the community as well. Those were the main goals here, and I hope they've been achieved.

An all-new dark mode

Even fresher.

Dark mode got an incredible new refresh and if it was great before, it's amazing now. It's cleaner, simpler, and more consistent. It should have basically no glitches anymore, and it won't break in updates as we're using a consistent color pallette now.

You're going to love it – I promise.

A NomadList integration


Makers who use NomadList to track their travels will be pleased to know that Makerlog now has a NL integration - just add your username in Settings and your profile will show your current location + a link to your profile.

Deals! Well, the beginning of!

Makerlog now has a Deals page with exclusive deals from around the community. It's pretty bare right now, but expect it to be updated very soon with tons of deals that makers will love.

That's all folks

I really hope you enjoy this update. As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to shout on Twitter or Crisp and I'll get back to ya.

Happy shipping!