Folks, I'm very happy to announce Makerlog Deals! You'll be able to earn discounts on your favorite products by keeping up a streak (or unlock them all instantly via Gold).

5 deals every week, and today we're starting with a batch of amazing ones:

Leave Me Alone

Get a 50% discount from Leave Me Alone, the private way to unsubscribe from those pesky spam mails and keep your inbox tidy 💌

Get 20% off, an amazing tool for keeping track of your team's actions and acquired knowledge.


Get 50% off KanbanMail, literally the best email client out there. It's Kanban for your email. Can't get more productive than that!


Get 20% off Polypane, the world's best browser for creating web experiences. Test mobile layouts, SEO and Meta, all in one integrated (and beautiful) browser. Seriously, it makes web dev ENJOYABLE.


Get 50% off Divjoy, an amazing React codebase generator for when you can't figure out which boilerplate repo to use. Can't find your perfect boilerplate? Make your own!

Thanks folks and stay tuned!