Announcing Makerlog Beta

Mobile support, a 6x faster website, and a fresh new design. It's really, really great.

Announcing Makerlog Beta

Hi folks. Your friendly neighborhood Sergio here.

I'll cut to the chase: I'm very happy to announce the open beta for an all-new Makerlog. I've been hard at work listening to your feedback, fixing bugs, & delivering a solid community platform to be proud of.

There's small improvements all across the board, but here's the major ones.


It sounds dumb to say this out loud in 2020, but...

I'm proud to report that the new Makerlog now works everywhere beautifully: phone, desktop, toaster.

All-new profiles & product pages.

Maker Ali Salah's profile.

Showcase your maker journey with beautiful, all-new profiles & product pages. Use your link on your social profiles to spread the makerness everywhere!

All-new Makerlog Stories.

I love this one. Makerlog Stories is redesigned from the ground up to be a beautifully pleasant reading experience.

The end of a story on Makerlog Beta.

Stories now also come hyperlinked with Makerlog products, profiles, & relevant discussions so you can discover more about the interviewed maker's journey.

A more inspiring homepage.

No longer must you enter Makerlog to simply log. Now, you can get inspired as well! Top tasks of the day show up top + empty threads to help other makers out.

Think it's too distracting? No worries! There's a new feed option: You -> Tasks. It'll show your tasks for the day + your personal log only. It's great for focus.

It's really fast.

We're seeing up to 6x performance improvements on most browsers. The new Makerlog is made to load fast, really fast – in any device & any network condition.

A lot more.

Honestly, there's just so much to discover in the new Makerlog Beta. Tons of bugs were fixed & new flows were created to make getting those shiny streaks much more enjoyable.

I'm aiming for a full production launch near late December.

It's not production-ready yet, which is why we need you! Make sure to submit feedback on the sidebar: we're looking to build this openly & publicly.

Click to check out the new Makerlog.

That's it, thanks for reading, and enjoy the new and improved site!